Export Agents PMK Oy is an export company on mechanical wood processing founded in 1997. Export is exclusively oriented to Japan. We export mainly planed spruce timber which is mostly used to small-house building in Japan. A part of production goes as so-called DIY-products to businesses in the field. Proportion of the products to these so-called Home Centers will grow in the future as this business is growing in Japan.

Besides planed and sawn timber we export garden cottages, barbeque shelters, toy houses as well as various columns. We believe that these kinds of products have a growing demand in the future in Japan.

We buy our products from companies in a production network we have founded. These companies are sawmills and planing mills around Finland. EAK has some production network companies also in Russia, mostly in Karelia. There are over 15 companies in the production network which first send their products to Kouvola container yard, from where we export them to Japan mainly by the Siberian railway. Our partner in stevedoring, forwarding and logistics is Steveco-group.

We have exported planed timber to Japan since 1999 and the amount has increased year by year. Besides our own export we have acted to certain extend as an export agent in which a Finnish seller and a Japanese buyer both have utilized our services.